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Digestive Health: Part 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

In The Digestive System: Part 1, I discussed natural pre/probiotics such as pumpkin and goat’s milk. Some fur parents may have very particular eaters. One word may come to some minds… CATS! Dogs tend to be more open to different foods. Cats… not so much. Most of my cats will not eat pumpkin and goat’s milk, even when mixed in wet cat food. The struggle can be real to get cats to eat pre/probiotics on a regular basis. To cat parents out there, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Even some pre/probiotics in a powder form that note it cannot be tasted in food still have ingredients that cats can detect through their senses. In many situations, cats can smell new ingredients before they even start to eat their food. Calvin, my first-born pur (cat), has the most particular pallet in the house. Don’t even think about the idea of putting tilapia (a type of fish) on his plate. He walks away every time after just one smell. Talk about ruining his morning. Sardines are a favorite fish though to save the day!

Insert Adored Beast into this discussion. I have used several of their products over the years. In a multi-cat home, every single one of them will eat this pre/probiotic powder in their wet food. Yes, even Calvin! It is a quality pre/probiotic that can cost more than others, but a container can last a few months depending on the weight of your dog(s) and cat(s). For those who may want to strengthen their dogs and/or cats immune systems, this is another great product to incorporate into their diets for overall immune health. With my dogs, I incorporate this product into their meals along with pumpkin and goat’s milk. For those homes that may be struggling with digestive issues, this is a great product that could assist in reducing symptoms. As discussed in The Digestive System: Part 1, positive results of incorporating pre/probiotics into a diet can take months to start showing any results.

Direct link to Healthy Gut Digestive Enzyme Pre & Probiotic for those interested:

Paw Note: As always, pet parents should consult a veterinarian if your fur or pur has any serious preexisting health conditions.

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