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The Best Cat Toy EVER!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

When it comes to cat toys, the options are endless. Sometimes as pur parents, I think we can easily get caught up in the details such as color, design, size, etc. The list can go on. Last year I stumbled upon the best cat toy ever that led me to believe in moments that I may have been overthinking cat toys at times.

The cat straw. It is that simple. My purs love cat straws. In the store or online, they may not look that amazing in comparison to all of the options that we humans may think could be more interesting. In my multi-cat household, the simple cat straw is a favorite amongst all of them. At times, I wonder if it has something to do with the material of the straw that allows their paws to bat it around with micro holes that allow for claws to catch on similar to the idea of Velcro.

The even better part about cat straws is the cost. They are very inexpensive! You can purchase 50-100 of them in a pack for around $10.00. I buy them in bulk and throw them all over the house. I will admit there are probably 300 straws under my couch at the current moment. I clean under the couch once a month to collect a mountain of straws. It’s similar to Christmas morning for the cats!

My favorite moments are when there are straws lying in the most random places out in the open room or right next to the table leg. One cat will spot a straw from the distance and stalk his “prey.” Then, it’s time for the attack. Defeat!

There are other moments when I will collect 30 straws and throw them across the living room. I pick them all up a few times for the cats to catch a few more rounds. They love to play catch with straws. You can also tuck in both ends to give them a cylinder shape. If only one end is tucked in, the shape becomes similar to a horn. I create different shapes. Some cats have preference over some shapes than others.

If you have never purchased cat straws for your pur(s) before, then add these simple toys to your shopping list. Give them a try! They can be found in the cat toy section of stores. I usually buy them in large numbers on Amazon where each straw is about $0.10-0.15 each. I hope this simple toy provides enjoyment for you and your pur(s)!

Paw Note: The cat straw is an actual cat toy and not the type of straw used for human beverages.

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